Commitment To Quality

As we work to attain and retain our corporate mission we will concentrate, but not limit our efforts to the following:
  1. Create and maintain a customer service, customer retention vision at all times. We will accomplish this objective by providing ongoing customer focused training in the following ways:

    1. Regular weekly management staff meetings focusing on accomplishments the previous week and objectives for the coming week.
    2. Regular weekly technical training for field workers assures they fully understand the D&L Industrial Services, Inc. commitment to quality service and procedures.
    3. Seminars for managers at all levels to provide ongoing technical, customer service, safety and motivational leadership training.
    4. Annual training to focus on areas of leadership D&L Industrial Services, Inc. should concentrate on in the upcoming year and to review and update its current progress.

  2. Work towards a positive partnership by involving the customer and prospect in our business. This will be accomplished through the following ways:

    1. Work with our customers to develop the schedule of services and staffing needs for their facilities utilizing computerized scheduling of services and frequencies of those tasks.
    2. Through the use of job status reports we will continually monitor the service program to assure an ongoing quality, cost effective program.
    3. At least twice yearly, conduct focus workshops with selected customers and non-customers to keep D&L Industrial Services, Inc. and the marketplace abreast of new developments and trends, changes in procedures, and a true assessment ofD&L Industrial Services, Inc. performance.

    The key point in D&L Industrial Services, Inc's commitment to quality is to maintain an ongoing dialogue with customers and non-customers to keep abreast of needs in the marketplace and that D&L Industrial Services, Inc. remains the leader in meeting those needs.

  3. Professionalize our company and industry. D&L Industrial Services, Inc. will continuously search for opportunities to further professionalize our company and the industry as a whole. We will;

    1. Actively participate in our trade associations by attending and teaching seminars, serving on committees, and as directors and officers wherever possible.
    2. Provide the opportunity and encourage our management staff to set for and pass the professional designations available to them.
    3. Whenever possible, visit other successful companies, inside and outside the industry, through the use of peer groups and networking groups.

  4. Constantly search for customer winning performance by making it easy for our customers to do business with us. We will make every effort to assure that any customer contact with us is a positive one. This includes the way we answer the phone, to the way our sales, operations, administrative and human resources department interacts with our customers.

    D&L Industrial Services, Inc. ownership is committed to making every effort to "Lead By Example" and will continue to encourage its associates to work towards that same endeavor.
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